Privacy Policy

Security approach of Pansy Group of Companies

Pansy Group of Companies makes use of high levels of security. It is committed to keeping your data secure and ensures the security of online transactions.

Privacy of customers:

Pansy Group of Companies respects the privacy of its users. We protect all the sensitive information that we collect from our clients. In our privacy policy, we describe the details about the type of sensitive information that we collect from our customers, the reason why we receive this information and with whom we share this information.

Type of information collected from customers:

  • Contact details of the customer are collected. This includes their name, email address, contact number, postal address and delivery address.
  • For the purpose of internet banking, the customer may have to provide details like credit card number, the name of the card holder, the expiry date of the card and the CVV number of the card.
  • We may seek details about your previous purchases like order details, transaction details, and pricing details. This is only to give the users a better experience while shopping with us.
  • For the purpose of assessment of our services through online surveys, we may seek demographic information like gender, age, income, etc.
  • We will collect your session and login information. This will include your IP address, browser type, operating system, date and time of login session, etc.
  • Sign in information for third party accounts shared on our website will be collected by us.
  • Customers will have to send email communication for inquiry, order, transaction details, disputes, complaints if any, etc

How we share or use the information:

Pansy Group of Companies stands strong on its ethics. We collect personal information from customers only to provide them the best services and products. The information is nor sold, traded, shared or transferred to any third parties.

  • Our affiliates and partners who are involved in the buying, delivering process may use the information.
  • We may use the information to understand the consumer behavior to give them a better user experience. We may use the demographic profile for business and marketing purposes.
  • The customer information will be used in order to update the customer about any new offers and promotions, new launches, deals, shipment status, etc.
  • We make use of the cookie policy in order to customize your experience.
  • We will make use of traffic flow and session log in information to understand customer behavior and buying preferences.
  • With the help of IP address and traffic source information we shall analyze the user engagement and time spent by each user on our website
  • Please note that the user information may be required in case of legal disputes, regulatory or statutory requirements, troubleshoot problems, detect or protect against errors, prevent abuse of our services, prevent violation of rights of third parties, enforce our terms and conditions, etc.

Cookie Policy:

For better shopping experience, Pansy Group of Companies uses cookies to store your browsing information, but cookies do not store your personally identifiable information. The cookie settings can be changed as per preference. When a user uses our website, it means the user gives consent to our cookie policy.

User consent:

When a user accesses our website or fills details or uses our website, it means the user gives their consent for our privacy policy. If the user is not comfortable with our privacy policy, then the user is requested not to access or use our website.